My discoveries 05.05.2017 html-style

In order to make text of button fit the width of the button I can use the following code:


This code allows us to perfom our pages in our dear html-style:


Well, I’ve found several ways to enlarge the text (it was too small for me).

The best way is to put several tags <big> before the text and several </big> after the text.  We can also apply UIFont like:


but this way we can’t set different size for different words in the text – all the text will be the same size (16 in this example).

Well, It seems there is a more ease way to set html:



The new problem was in black space above the content. Diar stack gave the answer how to fix. The last variant was:

the report objc[2373]: Class PLBuildVersion is implemented in both /Applications/ stayed, but the reaction of app became much faster.

And one thing more. Now the internal links work.